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Part your lips a bit more. I'll swallow your fear, I will show you how"

As The End Draws Near

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My name is Veronyka, I have an amazing 4 year old named lilith. She is way cooler than I :) I am one of the talent buyers for SIN13/Atomix , The White Rabbit and The Sanctuary in San Antonio Texas. I own Ghost Cat Productions, A company that focuses on booking and promoting bands. I have been lucky enough to book and work with bands such as VNV Nation , Cinema Strange , Element , Bella Morte, The Cruxshadows , The Adicts , The Exploited, Demented Are Go , Seabound , Melotron, Convenant , Bloody Dead and Sexy , Tragik Black , Wolfsheim , among hundreds others in many genres! I have been lucky and have fullfilled many dreams of mine in this buisiness. I co-own a semi annual death rock event called "Legion" here in San Antonio. I spend most of my time working and spending time with my little girl Lilith :)